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Agilizer® Booster

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Information zum Training

Has agility also arrived in your team or company? Or would you like to work agile and lack a workable roadmap on how and where to start?

Does the word come up more and more often and yet you find it difficult to classify the term and everything that goes with it? Or are you wondering if it makes sense for your team to work agile or if agile is only something for software development? Then this training is just right for you.

The Agilizer® Booster provides an overview of agile fundamentals and methods and tools that support teams and leaders in their agile development. After a look at what agile is and what it is not and a classification of where it makes sense to work agile and what differentiates agile work from waterfall, well-known agile frameworks such as Scrum and LeSS or SAFe will be discussed and well-known methods such as Kanban and Design Thinking will be looked at in more detail. It also uses the Living Strategy and Living Transformation approaches to explain how strategy, portfolio, and transformation work can be made agile. And last but not least, you will be provided with simple methods for everyday work that promote the personal responsibility and cooperation of your team.

Unser Agilizer® Booster Training bietet dir:

An overview of Agile – what are the basics and what constitutes an Agile Mindset

The possibility to orientate yourself why agility plays such an important role at the moment and how you can make your daily work more agile

Getting started with the world’s most widely used agile framework “Scrum”.

Active experience of methods through practical exercises

Knowing how the different agile roles work together

A practical insight into the method case of Management 3.0 – the toolbox for agile leadership

Insights into further, partly scaled frameworks like SAFe® or LeSS

The knowledge of how strategy work and Agile transformations can succeed in companies

An insight into topics such as:


Different forms of hierarchy

Leadership & Culture

Various delivery methods

Wer profitiert von unserem Training?

Interested parties who would like to get started in the topic of agility

Team members who want to improve their cooperation and make it more active

Project managers, change managers, human resources managers, managers from all areas

People who want to make their way of working more agile

Interested parties who want to get an overview of Scrum and relevant certifications

Interested parties who want to develop professionally and start in the agile context