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Transformation Catalyst (TC)

June 2024
05 - 07

Transformation Catalyst Sale has ended Vorort

Düsseldorf | Erkrather Street 401, 40231 Düsseldorf, Germany
9:00 - 18:00
September 2024
04 - 06

Transformation CatalystVorort

Düsseldorf | Erkrather Street 401, 40231 Düsseldorf, Germany
9:00 - 18:00
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Training information

The world is complex and its rate of change is enormous. Organizations that stubbornly stick to their strategies, that cannot deal with this rapidly changing diversity and position themselves resiliently, will have a hard time in many respects.
In this training you will learn about the approaches of Living Strategy and Living Transformation® and how they intertwine: You learn to organize adaptability, from strategy to permanent implementation; flexible and specific for each company.


In the Master Class we impart the knowledge for agile strategy and transformation work. On the basis of a case study, their application and implementation is practiced intensively in group work.

The Living Strategy spans the range from the initial development and implementation of a strategy to continuous, incremental adaptation and further development. Organizational development and transformation must not take place separately or in parallel. With Living Transformation®, this change is shaped from within the organization. The ability for this continuous change is permanently anchored in the organization.

Both approaches are based on lean-agile working methods: work is done in iterations with artifacts that are orchestrated by dedicated roles in fixed events. Prior knowledge and experience in agile work is required.

Who is the "Catalyst"?

Catalyst is a substance that triggers a chemical reaction in the first place, accelerates it or directs it in a specific direction.

Graduates are able to initiate flexible and lively strategy and transformation work in organizations, to steer them into intentional paths and to accelerate and improve them – specific to each organization.

A Catalyst can therefore be active in a wide variety of roles, e.g.

as Transformation Masters of the Living Transformation®,

as a member of a strategy team,

as an external or internal coach to get the Living Transformation® and/or the Living Strategy rolling in an organization together with the employees.

Our Transformation Catalyst (TC) training offers you:

Getting to know and mastering the Living Strategy and Living Transformation® (roles, events, artifacts, modes of action)

Practical application and deepening of what has been learned in exercises based on a case study

Understand what classic strategy work fails at and what makes Living Strategy different

Recognize which blockers can stand in the way of a transformation and how Living Transformation® counters them

Learn how to plan and conduct facilitated Living Transformation® and Living Strategy meetings.

Understand how to create a collaborative environment in which all employees in an organization can participate

Roles and fields of activity of a Transformation Catalyst

This training is perfect for

All those who deal with strategy work in organizations

All those involved in transformations and organizational development

Executives, business owners, managing directors

Coaches, organizational developers, consultants

How do I get my Transformation Catalyst (TC) certification?

The Master Class is aimed at interested parties who have already gained experience in agile work. Practical knowledge of transformations or organizational development is desirable but not required. The curriculum is deliberately designed so that participants benefit from an intensive exchange of knowledge among themselves. To obtain the certificate, we therefore require active participation.