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Scrum Master Learning Journey

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Training information

You want to understand Scrum, Agile and the values and principles behind it in detail and learn to apply them in your team? Want to become a Scrum Master or better understand the role and learn how to use Scrum to bring transparency, focus and clarity to your project work and achieve better results with your team?
You want the greatest possible flexibility and want to learn the whole thing at your own pace and at times that you determine yourself?

It doesn’t matter if Scrum is to be introduced in your company, if you are already working in the Scrum Master role and want to prepare for the certification, or if you just want to learn more about Scrum. The Scrum Master Learning Journey is exactly the right training for you, because it serves as an introduction to Scrum, provides insights into the work as a Scrum Master and optimally prepares you for the PSM I certification of And all this at your own pace – completely self-determined.

This training is also offered on our Digital Campus site.

The contents

In this interactive learning journey, you will learn what the characteristics of classic and agile project management are and how they differ. You will learn how the agile approach with Scrum shortens the time to market and how Scrum can bring new momentum to your projects.

Your journey begins with the Agilizer® Maturity Indicator for me (AMI4me). This is a kind of placement test developed by agile coaches, scrum masters and leaders of the Agilizer® network with years of experience. The result supports you in finding the perfect start for your personal development. You will be shown in which areas you have the most growth potential and can then decide for yourself whether you want to go through the Learning Journey from the beginning or enter at a point that particularly interests you. In total, we take you from agile basics (Shu ) to application/implementation (Ha) of agile approaches in ten chapters with some possible challenges you might encounter, and then dive deep into the Scrum process. In the last chapter you will get some tips for tools that will surely help you in your daily work as a Scrum Master (Ri).

Used correctly, Scrum motivates project members and continuously focuses on customer value. It changes the corporate culture and is an important success factor in employer branding.

Scrum is a simple framework that needs to be implemented responsibly – the role of:the Scrum Master and the training in this role, are therefore of great importance.

Our Scrum Master Learning Journey Training offers you:

greatest possible flexibility in learning Scrum

Self-determined pace and the possibility to repeat things at any time

A brief introduction to agile and the history of the Scrum framework.

Insights into the different roles of Scrum, the artifacts and events

An overview of the role of the Scrum Master in the Scrum framework.

The background knowledge of successful collaboration with developers, product owners and stakeholders, customers and users.

An intensive preparation for the certification of the Professional Scrum Master (PSM I) of (English) or for the certification of the Agilizer® Scrum Master Level 1 (German)

Who benefits from our training?

Project managers who would like to work in an agile environment

Already active Scrum Master:in

Marketers who want to go deeper into agile product development

Scrum Masters and Coaches who want to gain a deeper understanding of the Scrum Master role and practices.

Career changers:inside

All those who work in the product development process and who want to actively apply Scrum

All those who wish to actively prepare for certification

How do I get my Scrum Master Learning Journey certification?

The certification takes place in English on the site or in German on the For the English version, you will receive detailed instructions in the training and a voucher code that you can use to take the exam for free. After the training has started, you will have the opportunity to further prepare and research on our networking site You can then take the exam at a time of your choosing.