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Agilizer® Coach

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Training information

Make your organization fit for agile transformation

In the three power training days, you will learn innovative, cool and easy-to-implement methods and dive into the four different roles you take on as an agile coach to successfully guide colleagues through their agile challenges and strengthen the agile framework in your organization.

The Agilizer® Coach Camp is the deep dive for agilists who want to successfully master the complex challenges of the agile coach role.

The agile way of working is characterized by factors such as:

dynamic markets

highly competitive environment

technological change and

unstable customer preferences

has arrived in many companies.

But often it is only individual teams that try to work in an agile manner. These are usually held back by the rest of the organizational landscape, which is not as flexible as it needs to be.

This often leads to frustration, the loss of good motivated employees, and it unnecessarily delays projects. The Agilizer® Coach brings the “old” and the “new” world together and supports your start as an agile coach.

The competences of the Agilizer® Coach focus on the four roles



Moderator/ process facilitator

and mentor

The training does not focus on agile basics or practices, which are acquired in extra trainings, but gives clarity about the own motivation, already existing competences for the role of the agile coach and about how we accompany people in change and become part of the change ourselves.

Who benefits from our training?

Scrum masters, agile project managers, or transformation managers who are familiar with agile fundamentals, coach agile teams, and have at least 6 months of experience with the agile environment

Experienced scrum master, product owner, agile project or transformation manager with several years of experience in implementation and application

Agile coaches who want to further improve their daily work through enhanced facilitation and coaching skills

Any experienced agilist interested in creating more structure for facilitating agile ceremonies and other collaborative events

Any experienced agilist who wants to guide people and teams in their agile transformation using proper techniques