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JoeDX by Joe Justice

Conducted by the Agilizer® Academy trainers

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Now we offer his course JoeDX.

Scrum is a well-established agile framework within organizations of many different branches worldwide. But especially in hardware production it can be challenging to apply a new, fast-paced structure with shared responsibilities as well as accountabilities. Therefore, it is important to learn from and work with experienced and successful agile leaders and business owners to ensure sustainable and effective change for a better business outcome.

In Germany exclusively, we have collaborated with Joe Justice, founder of Wikispeed, former leader of agile@Tesla and guest lecturer at Oxford University, Harvard University and MIT and offer his well established and experienced driven course JoeXD form spring 2023 on.

The class is designed to be practical, with examples from Tesla, SpaceX, and Joe’s own automotive company, WikiSpeed. The certification you will receive is ”JoeDX” by Agilizer® Academy.

What this training will provide you with

JoeDX will show you Joe’s successful development experience of many well-known companies. It will be taught in modules and teach you the following:

How to Launch: Onboarding people and teams, and re-launch existing people.

Building a fast company: Re-structuring business units and divisions for maximum pace of innovation and efficiency.

Innovation: Changing budget processes for more responsiveness.

Budgeting: Updating existing supporting budget policies and contracts to match new agile structures.

Parallel Execution: Organizing and splitting products and services into parallel execution for maximizing speed.

Lean Coffee: Self organization of work and timelines for lean innovation processes.

Fast Teams: Introducing agile team structures to increase financial efficiency.

Digital Self-Management: Introducing excellent software to improve human performances.

Justice Board: Self-formation of teams with financial responsibility.

xM: How to create a factory which wants daily design updates.

This course will introduce you to and teach you agile hardware development from successful leading companies, explain communication and structures in agile organizations, show you iterative approach methods for production, make you aware and utilize methods for innovation and speed, introduce you to principles of extreme manufacturing, teach you about interfaces and modules and how to improve established processes.

Who is this course for?

Experienced and aspiring agile developers, business managers, team leaders and agile practitioners.

More information

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