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Scrum Master Certification and Training (PSM 1)

Didn’t you find a suitable date for the Scrum Master Certification, or is no date specified? No problem, contact us here and we will find a suitable date for you.

July 2024
01 - 04

Scrum Master Training und Zertifizierung (PSM I) Sale has ended Remote

Online | Untern den Linden 10, 10117 Berlin
8:30 - 13:00
08 - 09

Scrum Master Training und Zertifizierung (PSM I)Remote

Online | Untern den Linden 10, 10117 Berlin
9:00 - 18:00
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Information about the Scrum Master Certification (PSM 1)

In the Agilizer Academy Scrum Master Training, participants get to know the working methods of Scrum and acquire the “Professional Scrum Master” (PSM 1) certification. Scrum is an agile working model that originally emerged from software development but has since been successfully applied in many other fields. According to the Scrum Framework, there are  three roles: Scrum Master, Product Owner, and the Development Team.

Scrum Master Zertifizierung als online Meeting
Team Besprechung im Raum fĆ¼r die Scrum Master Zertifizierung

The key role in the agile team

The Scrum Master is a key role in an agile team. He or she is responsible for implementing the agile methodology and assists the team in achieving its goals. He or she ensures that the way a team achieves its goals is continually improved.

You can find more on this in the glossary.

Scrum Master Certification: From Beginner to Expert.

Do you want to understand Scrum, agility, and the underlying principles in detail and learn how to apply them within a team? Are you aspiring to take on a role as a Scrum Master or want to better understand the role? Do you want to learn how to bring transparency, focus, and clarity to your project work through the use of Scrum and achieve better results? And how you can support your teammates to successfully use Scrum in their projects and get the best out of themselves?

Whether Scrum is to be introduced in your company or you are already working in the Scrum Master role and want to prepare for the certification, this is the right training for you, because it serves as an introduction to Scrum, provides insights into the activity and optimally prepares you for the Professional Scrum Master I (PSM I) certification of

Do you already have extensive experience as a Scrum Master:in and would like to build on this with experienced colleagues? Feel free to explore one of the advanced training options.

Comparison of traditional and agile project management

In this 2-day interactive training with workshop character, you will experience how classic and agile project management “feel” in comparison, how the agile approach with Scrum increases team speed and how much fun working with Scrum can be.

Used correctly, Scrum brings new momentum to your projects, motivates the project members and continuously focuses on customer value. It increases motivation, changes the corporate culture and is an important success factor in employer branding.

Benefits of obtaining the Scrum Master certification

Scrum is a simple framework that must be implemented responsibly. Therefore, the role of the Scrum Master and learning this role are of great importance.

You'll get to know and understand Scrum in just 2 days.

You will receive the PSM 1 Scrum Master Certificate

The certificate validates your knowledge and can be listed on your resume

Trainings are conducted by experienced trainers

Courses are interactive and practical in nature

During the training, case studies and exercises are tackled

We discuss the scaling of Scrum in large projects and the changed role of the Scrum Master in this context

Our summary of the Scrum Master Certification as a video for sharing

How do I get my Scrum Master certification?

The certification takes place in English on or in German on You will receive detailed instructions and a voucher code in the training, which you can use to take the exam for free. After the start of the training you have the possibility to prepare further on the website and take the exam at a time of your choice.