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Agilizer® Scrum for Teams

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Available Tickets: 20
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Scrum Team – Achieving more as a self-organized team

You already work agile with your team or want to try it out? As a team, you want to use Scrum to bring transparency, focus and clarity to your project work and achieve better results?

It doesn’t matter if you and your team are still at the beginning of Scrum or if you already had first experiences: This is the right training for you and your team members, because it serves as an introduction to Scrum and gives insights into the activities and processes of the way agile teams work.

Classic versus agile approach with Agilizer® Scrum for Teams

In this 2-day interactive training with workshop character, you will learn how Scrum, used correctly, can bring new momentum to your projects, motivate the project members and continuously focus on customer value. You will experience how classic and agile project management feel in comparison, how the agile approach with Scrum increases team speed and how much fun working with Scrum can be.

Scrum increases motivation, changes the corporate culture and is also an important success factor in employer branding. This simple framework, needs to be implemented responsibly – training the various roles is therefore of great importance.

Our Agilizer® Scrum for Teams Training offers you:

  • A short summary of the origin and the basics of Scrum
  • Insights into the different roles of Scrum, the artifacts and events
  • Active experience of agile methods within the Scrum framework through many practical exercises
  • Knowledge of how to collaborate with team members, product owners and scrum masters, stakeholders, customers and users.
  • An insight into scaling up for larger projects and how your roles then change
  • An intensive preparation for the “Agilizer® Scrum Teamer” certification

Who benefits from our training?

  • Project team members who would like to work in an agile environment
  • People who are already actively working in an agile team, e.g. Scrum Master:in, Product Owner:in
  • All those who work in the product development process and who want to actively apply Scrum
  • Career changers:inside

How do I get my Agilizer® Scrum for Teams certification?

At the end of the training, an exam for the Agilizer® Scrum for Teams certification can be taken. This can be done online in German or English, regardless of the course language, and you will receive detailed instructions in the training.

You are becoming or want to become a Scrum Master:in? Then also check out our Scrum Master Training!

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28 - 29 Nov 2024





  • Ines E.Schorsch
    Ines E.Schorsch

    – Coach and trainer in the field of teambuilding, communication and organization
    – Successful team leadership in an international, English-speaking company
    – Many years of experience in facilitation in groups and teams with diverse backgrounds
    – Successful agile project implementation in the automotive industry
    – Certification in PSM 1 and Transformation Catalyst
    – Additional university studies in international action competence with a focus on intercultural communication
    – Several years of experience in knowledge transfer
    – Many years of experience in administration and politics


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