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AI for Product Managers 

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The application of AI in the role of the product manager. Find out how AI can be used to support a product manager’s workflow.  

Short course description for Box 

This course provides a comprehensive insight into the world of AIs and their application in product management. Participants will learn how the LLMs behind AIs work, recognize their strengths and limitations, and how they can be used in different industries. The course is specifically designed for product managers who want to integrate artificial intelligence into their day-to-day work and optimize their product development processes. 


Detailed course description 

The course begins with an introduction to the basics of AIs, namely large language models (LLMs), including their architecture and training methods. Participants will learn how LLMs understand and generate text and will be familiarized with well-known models such as ChatGPT, Claude, Mistral and Llama. The course also covers critical aspects such as the limitations of these technologies, including their propensity for misinformation, bias, and lack of common knowledge. 

In further modules, the application of AIs in product management and product development is examined in detail. This includes identifying areas of use, from idea generation and market research to feature prioritization and persona development. Practical applications, such as the creation of product roadmaps and the use of LLMs for many areas of product development, from idea generation and trend analysis, are deepened through exercises and case studies. 

In addition, the course covers ethical considerations and best practices for dealing with AI technologies in product management. Participants will learn how to use LLMs responsibly and ensure the quality and reliability of AI-generated data. 


This training offers you:  

  • The knowledge of how to use AI in product management 
  • Knowledge of large language models (LLMs), encompassing their capabilities, training techniques. 
  • Understanding the benefits and drawbacks of AI systems like ChatGPT, GPT-4, BERT, and T5. 
  • Investigation of AI applications for a range of product management tasks, such as persona building, market research, idea generation, and feature prioritization 
  • Gaining a deeper grasp of AI-driven product development processes, such as trend research and product roadmap formulation, there are practical exercises and case studies available. 

Who benefits from this training?  

  • Product managers who want to simplify and speed up their work processes 
  • Release Train Engineers who want to support product managers in the further development of their work 
  • Business leaders who want to bring AI into their business 
  • Executives looking to integrate innovative technologies into their product development processes 
  • Technology enthusiasts who want to gain deeper insights into how AI works and applies in business 


  • Understanding of Product Management in SAFe environment 
  • Access to relevant tools (computer, internet connection, account on Chat GPT) 

Certification Information 

Participants will receive a certificate of attendance upon completing the interactive training.   

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03 - 04 Jun 2024


2.490,00 €


Untern den Linden 10, 10117 Berlin


  • Finn Thieme
    Finn Thieme

    – Certified SAFe® 6 Practice Consultant
    – Certified SAFe® 5 Lean Portfolio Manager
    – Certified Management 3.0 Facilitator
    – Certified Scrum Master (PSM I, PSM II)
    – Many years of experience in the field of electromobility and in agile projects
    – Management of international and cross-functional development teams
    – Initiation and implementation of organizational transformations
    – Guiding development teams through challenging situations

  • Peter Cygan
    Peter Cygan

    – 8 years of Software Development Experience
    – 3 years of Agile Project Management Experience
    – 3 years of Product Owner Experience
    – Certified Agilizer® Booster
    – Certified Agilizer® Coach
    – Certified SAFe® 5.1 Scrum Master


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