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OKR Catalyst advanced by Agilizer®

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Information about the Training

Are you looking for a method that can help your company focus on the most important goals and measures?
Is your company looking for a way to prioritize tasks more strategically and make results measurable?
Do you want to know what the OKR framework is all about and how it can be applied in your company?
We are convinced that a company can only meet constant change with a consistent focus on clear priorities. Paths that all employees should walk together.
An Agile and Successful Framework
Objectives & Key Results aims at achieving corporate goals by defining so-called key results and working on them collectively within a cycle. It is important that the objectives always contribute to the company’s vision. The development is done collectively. Through realignment and follow-up in short cycles, an agile and fast process is created, which optimally synchronizes all corporate goals in any environment.
In this 3-day practice-oriented course, you will be provided with tools that improve communication and lead to greater transparency. OKR is a widely used and long-successfully applied method for implementing change measures, even at the corporate level.
As a certified OKR Catalyst by Agilizer®, you will take a key position in your company. The knowledge you acquire will help you introduce and moderate the framework at all levels, thus supporting the transformation into a results- and goal-oriented organization.
Our experienced trainers are capable of conveying numerous practical methods specific to industry and environment. This course is based on modern learning methods and will prepare you for many challenges in your work. Together, we will address questions and develop solutions.

Our OKR Catalyst advanced Training by Agilizer® offers you:

  • Basics of the OKR method as a tool for results-oriented goal definition and tracking
  • Learning and applying numerous tools for successful introduction and implementation of OKRs
  • Increase the effectiveness and agility of your company’s transformation
  • Best practices and many practical examples
  • Inspiration and new approaches
  • Supervision of questions/problems that may arise in active work as an OKR Catalyst
  • Planning OKR events
  • Alternating theory, reflection, practice in all topics
  • Defining goals as a vision

Who benefits from our training?

  • Executives / Decision-makers
  • HR and Organizational Developers
  • Change Agents
  • Agile Coaches
  • Anyone looking for inspiration for successful corporate management


The seminar takes place from 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM. It also includes comprehensive seminar materials and resources.

How do I get my OKR Catalyst advanced by Agilizer® certification?

At the end of the event, participants will take a practical exam and, if successful, receive an official certificate as “OKR Catalyst advanced by Agilizer® (OKR-A Level 1)”.
If you have any further questions about the process or certification, please contact us at: [email protected]
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03 - 05 Feb 2025



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