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Delegation poker cards

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Delegation poker cards

Delegation Poker: Delegating tasks and making decisions are often not easy. The more complex an environment is, the more challenging it becomes to delegate effectively and efficiently.

In today’s world of management, it’s no longer about making all decisions from the top down: rather, it’s about finding the right level of delegation for each and every situation. Our Delegation Poker cards (based on Jurgen Appelo’s Management 3.0 toolkit) help you and your team to self-organize and find the right level. Delegation Poker significantly enhances communication and motivation within the team.

  • A set of Delegation Poker cards is for 4 people.
  • A quick-start guide is included in the set in the form of a link.
  • Shipping note: We offer free shipping within Germany. Please contact us if you wish for shipping to another country ([email protected])
  • More information can be found here.

We also use the cards ourselves, in further education and training or in our own work.

Enjoy the cards!


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