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Living Transformation – Book (English)

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Agile Strategy & Transformation – for the successful organization of tomorrow

You are looking for a way to transform your organization and make it more Agile, but you don’t know where to start? You want to prepare your organization for the business landscape of the future, but your previous transformation attempts have failed? You know that change is necessary, but your managers and employees won’t budge?

Finding your strategy

You learn about the Living Strategy, an approach to making strategy planning in your organization more agile. We show you how you can implement a strategy in an Agile environment – quickly, easily, and highly effectively. Seems impossible? It isn’t!

Transforming your organization

Thanks to the Living Transformation, the Agile transformation will no longer remain a mystery. The Living Transformation® is an easy-to-use framework for any organization, no matter if you are an industry heavyweight, a lean start-up or anything in between! With the straightforward yet groundbreaking Agilizer®Approach, your Agile transformation will become a reality.

This book is a must read for all future leaders who want to guide their organization on the agile journey. We provide suggestions and background knowledge for all active and aspiring system designers: managers, HR employees and coaches will find everything they need to know on the topic of agile transformation.

Are you ready for your Agile transformation?