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Planning Poker Cards

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Planning Poker

Planning Poker is a method for teams to collaboratively estimate the effort of tasks in a playful manner – for example, for user stories. From User Stories. The method is also known as Scrum Poker.

Like a card game, each participant receives a set of numbered cards. After a task to be estimated is named, each player selects the card with the number that, in their opinion, corresponds to the effort required to complete the task. To avoid mutual influence, the selected cards are placed face down – with the number downwards – on the table and then revealed simultaneously. This is followed by a discussion about the individually estimated efforts with the goal of coming to a common effort estimation. Planning Poker is therefore also considered a consensus-oriented estimation technique.

  • A set of Planning Poker cards is for 5 people.
  • A quick-start guide is included in the set in the form of a link.
  • Shipping note: We ship within Germany for a flat shipping rate, please contact us if you wish for shipping to another country ([email protected])
  • More information can be found here.

We also use the cards ourselves, in further education and training or in our own work.

Have fun poker planning!


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