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Unfortunately, in our final sprint planning, we have encountered unforeseen obstacles that we could not have solved in the remaining time available. For this reason, after careful consideration, we have decided to cancel the event. It is very important to us to offer high-quality events to all interested parties, which enable knowledge transfer, enjoyment, and exchange. We will continue to work on this. Of course, we are not out of the world and stay connected: we look forward to seeing you again at one of our future events, for example in the short term at one of our Meetups or Q&As on Thursday!

It's that time again: the AGILIZER®.network cordially invites you to the next event:

“Through "radical" agility to more innovation?”

Drivery at the Ullsteinhaus | Mariendorfer Damm 1, Berlin

22.04.2023 | 11 am – 6 pm

Innovation needs creativity, innovation needs psychological security, innovation needs agility. The pressure to transform the economy into an ecologically sustainable cycle permanently forces all industries to innovate at faster and at a higher rate. In some sectors, such as the automotive industry, the pressure is disproportionately greater.

We are therefore delighted that we have been able to win over three experts who will explore with you how the intertwining of creativity, radical agility and psychological security leads to more innovation and why they are mutually dependent. The following guests will be presenting (in English):

Dr. Thomas Steinert on creativity & innovation, combined as CreativeIQ(c) Flow cx.

What is creativity?

Why are personal CreativeIQ(c), self-confidence and self-awareness so important today?

How can applied creativity overcome classical change and transformation approaches?

How can, according to the latest neuroscientific methods, personal creativity be enhanced and make individuals more creative, co-creative in their teams?

How can we apply creativity to the organization itself?

Andrej Barla on Psychological Safety

What is Psychological Safety?

How is Psychological Safety developed and implemented in your workplace?

What are the multipliers and why do we need Psychological Safety to improve and futureproof our work environment?

Joe Justice on Radical Agility & Innovation.

What does innovation look like in self-organized teams at Tesla and SpaceX?

What are the drivers and enabling factors for the tremendous high rates of innovation at these companies?

What can we learn and adapt?

Our experts

Dr. Thomas Steinert

Dr. Thomas Steinert is an organizational psychologist, change facilitator and executive coach advising international companies and their teams. He is a qualified Dipl.Psych. & Dipl.Verw.Wirt, Teaching and Supervising Transactional Analyst, Service Design Thinking Professional (MIT) and founder of CreativeIQ.

Andrej Barla

Andrej Barla is an experienced communications expert and co-founder of Kokoro. He helps teams discover their power skills to perform at their best in a rapidly changing environment.

Joe Justice

Joe Justice led the “Agile Program” at Tesla, works as an author, speaker (TED) and is founder of WIKISPEED. He has also conveyed his experiences with agile and innovation at Tesla and SpaceX into his JoeDX training. Joe works internationally as a business consultant for agile transformation, including in the US and in Japan.

Our three speakers are experts in their field and will not only captivate you with a fact-filled lecture, but also provide new impulses for your work, including practical exercises. At our last event Joe Justice explained radical self-organization, ideation and ensemble work (mobbing) and tried them out with us. Now we go one step further and explore,

how creativity emerges and what enables it,

why agility has no basis without psychological safety

and how we can establish it successfully.

Also, we don’t want to miss out on networking and have framed the lectures and exercises with networking activities.


Only a limited contingent is available.

Price includes admission to the event, lunch, and all drinks & snacks for the duration of the event.

Early Bird*: EUR 90,-

Regular: EUR 120,-

*Only while stocks last!

At the event of the Agilizer® Network and New Work Solutions GmbH, which is booked on the local website of the Agilizer® Academy, film and sound recordings as well as photos will be taken. By attending the event, you agree to their later use.

The location

Ullsteinhaus, Mariendorfer Damm 1, 12099 Berlin

Public transport: Underground, line U6, stationUllsteinstraße

Approx. 30 min. from the main station

The event will be held in English.

We look forward to seeing you, to the personal exchange and the synergy that will result!


Questions? Then be sure to contact us immediately at

PS: You are not yet part of the AGILIZER® community? No matter, we look forward to your coming and if you know someone you would like to exchange with, then just bring that person along and get to know the AGILIZER® network together on April 22nd!