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NEMO – Not E nough ! More Of

You may be familiar with this: You are sitting in a meeting, the current topic is being discussed very quickly and it is far from being discussed completely and comprehensively. The discussion is about to move on to the next topic block, but you are still missing details in your head to sharpen your understanding of the last discussion. This is exactly where the time has come: bring the NEMO card into play!

NEMO cards are a friendly indication that in your opinion the topic has not yet been discussed in enough detail and that you need more details to understand it (more details can be found here: Link ).

A note if it’s the other way around: For an opposite situation, we also have the right tool “at hand”: the ELMO card , ELMO stands for “Enough Let’s Move On” (more details can be found here: Link ).

  • A set consists of 10 cards.
  • A quick guide is included with the set in the form of a link.
  • Shipping note: We ship free of charge within Germany. Please contact us if you would like shipping to another country ( [email protected] ).

We also use NEMO ourselves, in further education and training or in our own work.

Have fun with it!